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A physical kiosk powered by myrahat.com portal set up in every locality, rural as well as urban, run by a local micro entrepreneur.

  • Set up to provide all services and products under one roof.
  • A direct livelihood creator for local micro entrepreneurs.
  • Makes it easier for people to connect to services & products at their own locations.
  • Earning potential of more than Rs. 20,000 per month for the local micro entrepreneur.

Milestones Achieved

We constantly strive to empower people to make a difference in their lives, and are very proud of having achieved the following milestones:

  • Crossed 1 million transactions mark on MyRahat Portal.
  • 50+ live services and products.
  • 1500+ trusted retailer network (MyRahat Centres)
  • Impacted lives of more than 1 lakh people.

Our Focus Areas


We want that every individual should have a right to quality education. Through technology intervention we can bring world class education facilities to common masses so that it contributes to their progress and prosperity.


We aim to connect common masses to quality healthcare at affordable prices, so that people can benefit from good and timely medical assistance thus saving precious lives and helping people to lead healthier lives.


We help farmers implement best agricultural practices by bringing them world class tools and techniques & providing them with means to boost their produce and contribute to their welfare.

News & Media

We provide a platform to access quality news and updates from all across the world and at the same time giving a voice to the common people to use the media in order to disseminate information through advertisements and classifieds.


We want to become the largest aggregator of utility payments so that we make it easier for people to pay for essential day to day services right at their doorstep. This removes any challenges that ordinary people face while paying for essential utilities.


Our main aim is to bring high quality products to the common people thus improving their quality of life. By delivering world class products to people right at their doorsteps we equip them to transform their lifestyle and build happier modern homes.


We help governments reach masses through our wide network of My Rahat Centres. Along with providing people with numerous e-governance facilities, we also help in developing innovative governance solutions.


We aim to make travel hassle free and affordable to everyone, by making it easier to do travel enquiries and bookings thus making cheap and comfortable travel options easily accessible to people right at their doorsteps.

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